There are many types of translations, however these are the ones I usually work with. You can ask me either a general text or a specialized document. The combinations I work with are English/French into Spanish/Catalan. Do not hesitate to contact me and request a free quotation Contact or send me your request to

It is any type of document or letter (without legal value), with non-specialized vocabulary.

Either brochures on genetics, the results of clinic analysis, the results of medical studies or biology texts these documents contain a specialized vocabulary which should be considered carefully to provide with the highest quality.

From birth certificates to academic qualifications or other documents which need to have legal validity in the target language, even an agreement or a contract. These documents should be translated by someone appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All translations should be proofread. This process should be done by a different person, who also knows the subject.

It's the adaptation of a website to a specific public in its own language. Anyone can benefit from the localization of his/her won business in a different language, making accessible the content to a new public.

These are just a few examples of the texts I work with, although I have translated other subjects such as books or product descriptions. I am always open to collaborate in any project.

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