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This is me, the person you’re going to talk to.

The one an only who’s going to answer every email you send. The one who’s going to give her best for your project, and who’s going to take that extra step for your project.

So, tell me your idea, what you have in mind and I’ll put mine to work.

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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation and Postgraduate studies in Translation and Technologies.

I’m a sworn translator from English into Spanish appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2005.

My background studies are related to biology, chemistry and science.

Coming from my background studies in sciences and biology, I started working as an in-house translator at a Laboratory of analysis.

I was in charge of translating patient results.

Later on, I decided to specialize in website and content localization and subtitling.

So far, I have localized several websites related to medicine, aesthetics, product content and subtitles.

I have a wide experience in international transport as I was part of a freight forwarding company for 7 years.

There I gained valuable knowledge in dealing with clients and suppliers. As well as the ins and outs of international transport.

Now, I’m back where I belong and I’m a freelance, professional translator and proofreader.

Ready for your project!